Post Rehabilitation Training

Everyone gets aches, pains, and injuries. When these conditions persist it is best to seek help from a qualified medical professional. Unfortunately there are a lot of issues with the way many insurance companies and health care providers operate that do not allow for optimal recovery. Once someone is discharged from medical care, they are frequently left on their own to attempt to figure out what comes next.

We are able to help you return to a higher level of physical function with safe and effective programs designed with your specific needs in mind. By using thorough assessments of each individual and speaking to their prior health care provider(s) we are able use the best methods available to guide you toward your goals.

Post-Rehabilitation Training is ideal for those who wish to:

– Train for health or aesthetic goals without the fear of aggravating prior pain or injuries

– Increase strength

– Return to sports

– Feel better overall


We are also happy to refer to or work alongside any qualified practitioner as necessary.

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